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Mobile Tanks ADR


Containers - mobile tanks type AVB IC-BOX

allow for storage, safe transport, distribution

aviation fuel or other fuels, oils, liquids for aircraft.



  • AVB IC-BOX tanks with an air fuel delivery system as stationary? portable on a private or aeroclub helipad;
  • Container for dispensing fuel straight under the "wing of the plane" - a mobile tank for its own needs;
  • container-container for delivering fuel to the end customer by other means of transport than tankers? container as a replaceable packaging;
  • Installation with a legalized distributor mounted on a trailer as a mobile station for the sale of fuel at the airport (in another area - depending on the legislative conditions);
  • For the transport, storage and distribution of other liquids (used oils, oils, brake fluids, defrosting liquids, other chemical liquids that are flammable and / or harmful to the environment, excluding acids, gases);
  • Special applications in the army and other uniformed and civilian services.


Basic features:

  • Capacity from 200 l to 3000 l - flexibility in choosing the capacity for the customer's needs,
  • Certified materials (according to standards) and steel structure adapted to aviation fuels
  • Double-walled construction that protects against leaks and protects the tank against damage during transport;
  • Meets the requirements of the ADR convention? possibility of transport on public roads;
  • A set of connections that provide convenience of use and a wide range of applications, e.g. several pumps, battery connection, as a storage unit for medium transfer, etc .;
  • Safety when rolling fuel - safety valves; breathing valves with flame arresters and vapor collection system during loading;
  • Possibility to use anti-overflow systems and level measurement;
  • Possibility of using bulkheads to reduce the movement of fuel during transport.
  • 4 crane lifting handles, one on each corner, and forks for forks of forklifts on each side of the container - high mobility, ease of carrying, logistic operability.
  • Individual solutions on request.


Refueling systems mounted on containers, possible usages:

  • Sets with a pump with a capacity from 35 l to 130 l / min,
  • It is possible to simultaneously install two pumps with different power supply - 12V and / or 24V or 230V power supply,
  • Optional additional manual pump,
  • Analog or digital flowmeters,
  • Length of the hose adapted to the customer's needs - optional self-retracting reel;
  • Specialist filters that meet all stringent requirements for aviation fuels,
  • Grounding to eliminate the risk of ignition when refueling aircraft;
  • Optional tips and valves for transferring fuel from drums to the tank and protection against dry running of the pump.
  • Management system? supervising the amount of fuel spent;
  • A series of additional equipment, fire extinguishers, means for removing spills and spills, sampling kits and other auxiliary equipment.


Installation and assembly on means of transport:

  • Dedicated trailer with load capacity and strength adapted to the fuel tank (full possibility of transport on public roads) and use depending on the needs.
  • Installation on picup, off-road, delivery and lorry vehicles.
  • Optional on trailers? for vehicles, eg assembly of a power generator, battery or other equipment according to the customer's needs.


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